Bits and Pieces of Westport

This photo essay takes you on a unique tour of Westport’s scenic roadways, historical points of interest, landmarks, monuments, and some of the area’s splendor and interest not found in our other essays. Westport’s rural beauty is its main attraction; for it exudes a quality of life missing in many suburban towns and cities of Southeastern Massachusetts. Our town and other major conservation groups are making a major effort to safeguard this core value by protecting open spaces through land acquisition. The Herb Hadfield Conservation Land is an example of what can be done through the combined efforts of our Town Boards, taxpayers, preservation groups (e.g., Westport Land Conservation Trust), and concerned citizens. Westport Land Conservation Trust

Please enjoy this photo gallery, from our famous 18th century directional marker (“11 miles to New Bedford - 8 miles to Howland Ferry - 8 miles to the Point”) to the many historical structures that exist today (the Bell School, Gray’s Grist Mill, the Powder House, the School House of 1833, and the Poor Farm). Relive the nostalgia of times gone by visiting Bits and Pieces of Westport. Westport Historical Society

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