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A two-day window of welcome cool and dry weather amidst a wave of heat and humidity produced this sparkling Westport River vista north of Hix Bridge.

photo/   July 22, 2015  © All rights reserved.




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Local news you may be interested in.  Updated:  Friday, August 28, 2015

Photos/ except as noted.



Visit our newly updated Theater and Arts Section, and plan your early summer event schedule!

New galleries and art venues added for 2015. New Boston area concerts and theater venue added July, 2015!

Updated Saturday, June 27, 2015 videos


New! O8/17/2015 Click here to view newly updated Cloud over Westport video.


06/07/2015 Click here to view video of Windscape Westport’, an interactive sculpture, and meet visual artisan Nancy Winship Milliken.



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Friday, August 28, 2015


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Updated Saturday, June 27, 2015



08/27/2015 – Mid 70’s, low humidity, sunny skies over the next few days - oh what a relief it is! Pleasant weather for the next few days after a month of miserable heat and oppressive humidity.

Today will be a true winner of a day, especially during the dog days of August. High pressure is settling in, bringing with it comfortable breezes, drier air and cooler temperatures.


08/27/2015 – EZ-Pass email phishing scam. If Rhode Island can’t collect a toll on the Sakonnet Bridge, is this scam another attempt at collecting a toll? LOL!

The Rhode Island Bridge and Turnpike Authority is warning EZ-Pass customers of an email phishing scam that demands recipients pay up on past due accounts.

The scam is affecting 28 million people across the planet, according to a RIBTA news release.

“The fraudulent email contains language indicating that the email recipient has not paid his/her bill and that an outstanding invoice is attached. All RITBA electronic correspondence has an email ending with “;” if you receive an email regarding E-ZPass please check the email address before opening,” the alert stated.

RI E-ZPass customers or residents are advised to not open this email and delete it immediately. For more information you may contact RI E-ZPass at 877.743.9727 or visit the E-ZPass Interagency Group’s website.


08/27/2015 – Selectmen cite retiring Westport harbormaster; appoint Chris Leonard as Acting Harbormaster.

Mentioning his 28 years of outstanding contributions to overseeing Westport waterways and harbor, Selectmen Monday night presented a citation to retiring Harbormaster Richie Earle.


Above left: Selectmen Antone Vieira congratulates Earle and (right) Chris Leonard. Photos |

Earle’s wife, Chris was in attendance.

Earle was then appointed Assistant Harbormaster so he won’t be going anywhere soon.

Congratulations Ritchie, and thanks for a job well done.

Below: Earle heads out Wednesday to pump out a boat.


08/27/2015 – Westport farmer headed to court over broken wind turbines. For the last five years, three wind turbines have dotted the picturesque Noquochoke Orchards landscape on Drift Road — and now the turbine trio will be the center of an upcoming Fall River District court case.

Photo |

The turbines have cost George Smith IV and his grandfather George Smith II more than they have produced; the younger Smith and his aunt Doris Mills will be taking the turbine owner, Rob Rollins of Aerostar, to small claims court on October 15th. More...


08/27/2015 – Updated today. Headless, limbless body found floating by fishermen near the entrance of Westport Harbor.

More reminiscent of a mobster movie than real life, the commercial fishing crew of the vessel TNT recovered on Wednesday, August 19th a large, floating object off Horseneck Point, just south of the Westport Harbor entrance, that was wrapped in plastic and bound by duct tape.

The crew hauled up the heavy, wrapped bundle, opened it and was shocked to find a naked, partially limbless and headless body.

Paull said the plastic could have been a shower curtain.

They instantly put the corpse back into the ocean and called the Coast Guard.

Photo | Jonathon Paull exclusive to

Above: Local and state police, and the Cape Cod Medical Examiner prepare to transport the recovered body that was brought in on the Westport Harbormaster’s boat.


Assistant Harbormasters Jonathon Paull and Chris Leonard were immediately notified of the find by the Coast Guard, and headed out in the Harbormaster’s boat.

Once they arrived the fishermen left to resume fishing. Paull and Leonard stayed with the body

Harbormaster Richie Earle notified the local police who called in the state police and the medical examiner’s office.

“We had to wait almost two hours before they all arrived at the Harbormaster’s shack,” Earle said. “In the meantime I went out and picked up a webbed aluminum litter and a tarp to cover the body.”

Earle took the assembled officials out on the other Harbormaster’s boat.

“We must have looked like a clown boat, they were so many of us on it,” Earle said.

When they arrived on the scene they found the bloated corpse of a man with no head and almost entirely limbless floating in the water.

Above: Richie Earle is no stranger in recovering body’s, having been involved in the retrieval of five or six drowning victims over his tenure as Westport’s Harbormaster. Photo |


“There was a terrible smell,” Earle said.

Earle said that the body was partially dismembered and appeared to have been in the water for some time, perhaps a couple of weeks. The body is that of a man.

The situation is under investigation by the police and no further information is available.

Authorities are trying to determine the cause of death and the identity of the deceased.

“It’s a heck of a way to start my retirement,” said Earle.

It was reported but not confirmed that severed hands wrapped in plastic and duct tape were found on a beach in Little Compton.

A police helicopter was spotted in the skies running search patterns.

More complete information this evening on


08/25/2015 – Mass unemployment figures show Westport’s unemployment rate has ticked up to 6 percent from 5.7 percent, according to numbers just released today by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

But compared to rates as high as 11 percent just a year ago, the numbers are much improved. However, the uptick from June to July can be disconcerting in the summer months when temporary jobs put downward pressure on unemployment figures.

New Bedford had a higher rate of unemployment than Fall River (8.2 percent) at 8.5 percent; both cities had slight increases in unemployment.

The Massachusetts unemployment rate was 4.7% in July, 2015.


08/22/2015 – Access Mats matter for mobility! “Beaches are unconsolidated sand; because of that it makes it difficult to navigate for anyone with mobility issues,” said WLCT Executive Director Ryan Mann as he and Commission on Disability Chairwoman, Elaine Ostroff oversaw the final installation last month of four sections of “access mats” on Westport Land Conservation Trust beachfront next to  the Knubble.

While the eastmost one-third of Beach Avenue is under discussion for possible dune restoration which would limit vehicular traffic, Mann and Ostroff moved quickly to dramatically enhance handicap access to the prettiest seashore in Westport.

The durability and portability of access mats make them the perfect solution for providing accessible beach pathways. Utilizing the benefits of a polyester weave ensures that rigidity and strength are preserved over soft sand surfaces, while the polyester material is able to contour to undulating surfaces.

While the proposed Beach Avenue dunes restoration project still has many hurdles to overcome, beach goers with mobility issues are now enjoying the white pristine sands of Knubble Beach.  More...


08/22/2015 – WAG holds ribbon cutting, dedicates new wing.

Scores of members, guests and the just plain curious came out late yesterday afternoon to help celebrate the dedication of the Westport Art Group’s new wing and to officially open the 2015 annual Community Summer Show and Sale.

Their new digs are impressive.

WAG president Mary Benefiel thanked the Building Committee and board members for a job well done.

Renovations to the kitchen and all-person accessible bathrooms will begin after Labor Day. This schedule allows WAG to offer programs and events throughout the summer.

Click here for more photos!


“This project has been a labor of love with members pitching in to make it all happen. We’re grateful for the support and encouragement from the community,” Benefiel said.

Benefiel praised the building committee members: Paul Vien - Chairman, Mary Benefiel, Heide Hallemeier, Bruce Hubbard and Peter Lenrow.

Benefiel recognized Damon F. May of May Architects, Joe Yates of Construction & Restorations Services, and SITEC, Inc’s Sean Leach.


08/21/2015 – Beach Committee and Town Clerk’s office to Westport Select Board: “Crack down on beach pass scofflaws!”

Outdated license and registration addresses, modified business office lease agreements to prove residency, ‘tenancy at will’ renters, and elaborate excuses that rival “the dog ate my homework” are all situations the Town Clerk and her assistant have faced at one time or another when issuing passes this year for entry into town beaches.

And they want it stopped.

Things finally came to a head in July when extremely hot weather combined with a holiday weekend, price increases for Horseneck Beach parking permits, and 3200 town-issued beach passes to the best seashore on the southcoast all added up to a prescription for disaster for resident beach goers trying to park their cars.

But are deceptively obtained beach passes and/or no beach pass the real problem for a chronic parking shortage at Cherry and Webb Beach?  More...


08/20/2015 – Updates from the Hill! This week Representative Paul A. Schmid (D-Westport) traveled to Wilmington, Delaware to participate in a national panel to discuss agriculture, forestry, and fishing in the Northeast region of the United States of America.  The panel was organized by the Council of State Governments and the Eastern Legislative Conference.  Other activities during the week included a presentation on fishing and aquaculture and a tour of the University of Delaware, where electric vehicles with the capability to serve as power sources to the grid were viewed.  As House Chairman of the Joint Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture and a farmer, topics of discussion reflected issues Representative Schmid sees daily both in his personal life and through his work on the Committee.

Please contact Representative Schmid’s office at 617.722.2210 with any questions.

The Office of Representative Schmid will be submitting a weekly piece, titled “Updates from the Hill” in order to summarize the highlights and happenings on Beacon Hill. 


08/19/2015 – Have tickets, will not travel! It was supposed to be Kristine Mello and Jeffrey Ferreira's dream destination wedding to the Iberostar Paraiso Maya in Mexico with 45 of their family members and closest friends.

The 47 of them paid a total of $70,000 to $75,000 about three months ago to Terry's Travel, 6A Hathaway Road, Dartmouth for their flights and rooms at the resort located on the beach between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Ferreira said.

Now they're finding out that neither their rooms nor their flights have been paid for, he said.


Update: Attorney General Maura Healey’s office has agreed to head the investigation into Terry’s Travel.  More...


08/19/2015 – Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive! Faced with a high cost of doing business and little control over the price of their milk, many Massachusetts dairy farmers have struggled in recent years.


“We’ve never lost money, but we’ve never made money either.” Barbara Hanley, Shy Brothers Farm


“Historically, being a dairy farmer is a real roller coaster,” said Alan Everett, a Williamsburg dairy farmer who sits on the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation’s board of directors. “Prices are not stable. Some years it’s catastrophic; some years it’s profitable. It’s certainly something you wouldn’t get into if you didn’t love it, because it’s not easy to get rich milking cows.”

Paul Farias and wife Sandi Porter (pictured right) have both.

Porter owns Lyons Brook Farm at 76 Drift Road in Westport. Her family-owned business has been selling raw goats’ milk to the public for more than 10 years.

Click here to read about Lyons Brook Farm.

“There is basically no profit," Farias said. "It is something we enjoy doing and (Sandi) loves the animals. At the end of the day, if you break even you did well."

Their farm has 24 adult goats and 12 baby goats. More...


08/18/2015 - Grange’s Shared-use kitchen gives startups a leg up. “The old kitchen that was here was in pretty rough shape,” said Sam Manley, president of the Dartmouth Grange. “The back had rotted off of it. But then a tree fell and put a hole in the roof, and it exposed how bad were.”

At first, Grange members thought of just patching the roof, but during a public meeting in 2002, an ambitious goal was presented to the public that would transform the space into a shared-use kitchen open to the community.



08/17/2015 11:18 a.m. – “We give up!” Stop already with the Mystery Photo entries; we’ve been bombed with correct answers.

A correct location was emailed exactly three minutes after the photo was posted!

Jim Walsh was the first to correctly identify at 11:18 a.m. the location as “Mystery photo are two of the windmills at Noquochoke Orchards - Drift Rd.”

For his ever-so-speedy answer, Jim will enjoy the fantastic fare at Ten Cousins, and the rest of you (and there were many!) will just have to wait for the next mystery photo that we promise to post in the next few days.

And it won’t be an easy one!

Thanks everybody for visiting


08/17/2015 – 11:15 a.m. – Our Photo of the Week (also our Mystery Photo!) is also our latest Clouds over Westport photo; a dramatic view of clouds and wind turbines. To see more Photos of the Week, Click here.



08/16/2015 – Australian golfer Jason Day wins the 2015 PGA Championship, professional golf’s fourth and final Major of the year, with a record-setting performance of 20 under par, a feat never before done in the playing of this tournament or any of the three other majors.

With his second place finish and Rory McIlroy finishing 17th, Jordan Spieth became the world’s number one ranked golfer.

In an emotional statement in front of family, friends and onlookers, Day said, "It's a fantastic record to hold. There's been such amazing golfers, especially throughout the history of golf, our sport, and to have that record just goes to show the work I've put in is paying off."  

Click here to read more about Day’s victory and other news in our Golf Section.


08/12/2015 – WAHTF plans to reinstate Housing Rehabilitation Program.

The Westport Affordable Housing Trust Fund is working with the Town Administrator, the Building Department, and the Accounting Department to seek approval from the Department of Housing and Community Development to reinstate the town's former Housing Rehabilitation Program. The reinstatement of the program is among the Trust's strategies to maintain and increase the town's SHI numbers to meet the state mandate that 10 percent of every community's housing inventory should be affordable.

What does all this mean? Click here to find out how this may affect you!


08/12/2015 – TTOR Youth Conservation Corps Offers out-of-work teens a Rare Opportunity for Work and Learning.

Most teenagers who are lucky enough to find a summer job might end up flipping burgers or standing in front of a cash register all day, but for those in The Trustees Youth Conservation Corps, summer is spent exploring the outdoors and working to improve local green spaces for public use and enjoyment.

Learn how TTOR is serving the area’s youth.


'Postcards for this year's festival are available at Roger Williams National Memorial now!'08/10/2015 – Folk Festival returns to Providence. The 2nd annual Providence Folk Festival is a free music festival featuring some of the finest folk, acoustic and singer-songwriter acts in the RI area on two stages of music.

The Providence Folk Festival will take place on Sunday, August 30th from noon until 6 p.m. at Roger Williams National Memorial, 282 North Main Street in Downtown Providence. More...


08/10/2015 – WRWA welcomes Jennifer Lynch. Lynch is the second employee to join the WRWA from a land conservation group; former TTOR employee Steve Connors joined the watershed protection group last April as Community Engagement Management.

The Westport River Watershed Alliance is pleased to announce that Jennifer Lynch has joined the organization as Development and Finance Administrator. Jennifer is well known in Westport for her fourteen years of devoted work with the Westport Land Conservation Trust.



08/08/2015 – Dartmouth music series aimed at toe-tappin' families. Live music — real music, not just kiddie songs — is something all kids should be raised with.

And that’s one of the goals behind the new Paskamansett Concert Series in Dartmouth.

The once-a-month BYOP (Bring Your Own Picnics) series aims to offer live music — chiefly local and national names in Americana, folk, roots, Celtic, blues and bluegrass — at the Dartmouth Grange Patrons Hall, an intimate venue with no bad seat in the house.

Seamus Galligan (pictured right) and Michael Laureanno are performing this Saturday, August 8th.  More...


08/07/2015 – Quote of the day:  "I'm the only one to separate Siamese twins, the only one to operate on babies while they're still in their mother's womb. The only one to take out half of a brain, although you would think if you go to Washington that someone had beat me to it." – Candidate and neurosurgeon Ben Carson at last night’s Republican presidential debate.

Over 24 million viewers watched the first republican primary debate, the most viewers of any political debate of its kind, ever!


08/07/2015 – Representative Paul A. Schmid (D-Westport) sponsored a day at the Massachusetts State House on Thursday for Westport vets. 

Governor Charlie Baker signed into law the sales tax holiday on Thursday, set for August 15-16.  The state’s 6.25% sales tax will be suspended for most purchases that weekend.

Rep. Schmid (D-Westport) also had the unique opportunity to meet with Tsutomu Himeno, Japanese Consul General, this week in Boston, promoting the Fall River and New Bedford region to Japanese manufacturers. More...

The Office of Representative Schmid will be submitting a weekly piece, titled “Updates from the Hill” in order to summarize the highlights and happenings on Beacon Hill. 


08/06/2015 – Fall River’s Battleship Cove celebrates its 50th! An important page in Fall River’s colorful history was written on June 12, 1965 when the mammoth battleship USS Massachusetts was welcomed to the city’s waterfront by a flotilla of pleasure boats and more than a half-million enthusiastic well-wishers who line the shores of Narragansett Bay and the Taunton River. More...

Click here for a schedule of events.


08/04/2015 – Westport Planning Board tackles parking bottleneck at the Head. The planned arrival of the WRWA’s new headquarters to an area already hectic with burgeoning retail businesses has area residents and public safety officials concerned about troubling traffic and parking trends at one of Westport’s historic 1800’s business districts.

They didn’t have these problems back then when Shorrocks (general hardgoods store), a harness maker and other mom and pop businesses populated the Head of Westport.

Horse droppings were more of a concern.

Now move ahead to 2015 where automobiles whiz across the bridge at speeds in excess of 40 mph, make U-turns and park wherever, all the while pedestrians crossing Old Country Road.

It’s a prescription for disaster.

Now throw in a property line dispute with the town landing’s eastern neighbor and you come up with a situation only a lawyer could love.

The Westport Planning Board with the help of the Landing Commission, Westport River Watershed Alliance, and town safety officials is attempting to address all this with a new Site Design, Site Circulation, Parking and Access plan.



08/04/2015 – The Shattuck presents Bill and Ben Shattuck.

"Father and son - gifted artists both, united beyond their relationship in their roles as master storytellers through the media of drawings, prints, and in Ben's case, the written word, as well." - Rosanne Somerson, President, Rhode Island School of Design; Professor of Furniture Design/Studio furniture maker

Ben Shattuck (b. 1984) is a graduate of Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning, and of University of Iowa's Iowa Writers' Workshop.  He lived and studied with painter Odd Nerdrum in southern Norway.   

Click here to view more of their work and biographies.

Bill Shattuck is self-taught in drawing and painting and has developed an appreciation for narrative through the power of the visual image.  Much of his work references the pastoral surrounding of his Dartmouth, Massachusetts home. 


08/04/2015 – State Representative Paul Schmid talks about honeybee colony collapse and August 15-16 sales tax holiday!

He also reports the Massachusetts legislature unanimously voted to override Governor Baker’s veto of full day kindergarten expansion grants. 

The Office of Representative Paul A. Schmid will be submitting a weekly piece, titled “Updates from the Hill” in order to summarize the highlights and happenings on Beacon Hill.  Our goal is to bring the Legislature to Bristol County and keep residents informed of events, key votes, and legislation that may be of interest.  Please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie McCarthy if you have any questions.



08/03/2015 – Oyster farms sprout in Westport. Selectmen last week approved the creation of four new oyster farms in Westport, two of which will be the largest aquaculture new ventures in town.

It seems that Westport’s agricultural heritage is now taking seed in a different venue, the water world of Westport’s rivers and bay.

Application requests from Kerian and Kristin Fennelly, 117 Cross Road, Westport for private shellfish grant/aquaculture licenses on two 25-acre oyster farms in the southeast corner off Gooseberry Island were unanimously approved 3-0; Selectmen Tony Vieira and Steve Ouellette were absent.

The project was moved forward by Westport Shellfish Warden Gary Sherman, and reviewed by The Army Corp of Engineers, Mass DEP, and the Division of Marine Fisheries and the Massachusetts Protected Species Program.

The town’s Shellfish Advisory Committee also approved of the project.

Fennelly’s company, Bay Breeze, Inc. plans two 25-acre oyster farms, one licensed to Fennelly and one to his wife, Kristen.

The state agencies limit the size of a single oyster farm to 25 acres.

“Now I have to go out and buy and retrofit a lobster boat,” Fennelly said.

Application requests from Christopher M. Jusseaume, 1384 Drift Road, for a private shellfish grant/aquaculture license on a one-acre site located in the west branch of the Westport River (Site #4) for   oysters, and an application request from his father, Michel A. Jusseaume, 33 Fallon Drive for another one-acre site located in the west branch of the Westport River (Site #3) were also approved.


08/03/2015 – Warren M. Messier recognized by Westport Selectmen for outstanding service to the community. Chairman Craig Dutra and the Select Board recognized Messier’s service to the town on several committees, saying “this is not to wish you well and go off, just to wish you well in a new chapter of your service to the town of Westport.”

Messier has been an example of dedication and service to the Town of Westport, Dutra said. He has served on the Planning Board for 22 years, the Finance Committee [for] 18 years, and the Community Preservation Committee [for] 13 years, Dutra said. He also served on the Public Safety Fire Station Building Committee, Westport River Dredging Committee, Westport Affordable Housing Trust and Housing Partnership Committee just to name a few, Dutra said.

Messier has also served as an adviser to many town projects such as the American Legion Hall, Town Hall, Town Hall Annex, Council on Aging, and others.


07/31/2015 – Once in a blue moon! Last night Westport got a of a rare, but not quite blue “blue moon.” Clear skies enabled viewers to gawk at the second full (and big!) moon for July, known as a blue moon.

A blue moon, at least according to the modern definition of the term, has nothing to do with color. It simply means a second full moon in the same calendar month.

As NASA explains: "Most blue moons appear pale gray and white, just like the moon you've seen on any other night."

“And that doesn't happen very often (the last time was in August 2012, and the next time will be January 2018), so "once in a blue moon" is a phrase still worthy of a rare occurrence.”


07/30/2015Letter to the editor: Westport resident takes exception to dogs on town beaches from mid-April to mid-September.

“How to change the culture of dogs on the beach? Other towns and other beaches offer an example. The state beach has employees checking in every car and “No dog” signs abound. Other local beaches post patrol cars at their beach parking lots at times when those who break the rules are likely to use the parking lot and beach. Police ticket those who break the law.” M A Beck more...


07/30/2015The Waterfront Historic Area League of New Bedford (WHALE) awarded the Sarah Delano Preservation Award to the Westport Historical Society at its 52nd annual meeting.

The honor, named for the late WHALE president who served from 1966 - 1982, was given for the Society’s restoration and interpretation of the circa 1713 Cadman-White-Handy House on Hix Bridge Road.

“The Handy House is the largest artifact in the collection of the Westport Historical Society. It has been left mostly unfurnished so that visitors can view the walls, floors, windows, doors, hinges, moldings, plaster, and other parts of its structure,” said WHALE president Wendy Nicholas as she presented the award.

“Inside a visitor can discover the secrets of this 300-year-old house which includes an 18th century house buried within an 1800 house, buried within a Federal style 1830s structure,” she said.

“Utilizing Community Preservation Act funds available in Westport, the Westport Historical Society completed the careful exterior and interior restoration of the Handy House creating an innovative way to explore Westport’s past and to engage the community.”

Inset: Executive Director Jenny O’Neill and Tony Connors, president of the Westport Historical Society accepted the honor at the WHALE’s 52nd annual meeting held at the Wamsutta Club.

At the Thursday, May 28th meeting architect and historic preservationist, Chip Gillespie, who also served as WHALE’s president for many years, was posthumously honored with the George Perkins Award, awarded to an individual or organization whose contributions have made a positive impact on the quality of life in Greater New Bedford. George C. Perkins is one of the founders of WHALE and served as the first president.

Other Westport individuals and organizations honored over the past 10 years: Stephen Fletcher and Michael Walden, for the "Stone House"; The Trustees of Reservations, for the Westport Town Farm; Westport Fishermen's Association, for c.1888 Westport Lifesaving Station; and Calvin Hopkinson, Wolf Pit School (Little School), Westport.


07/29/2015Black Duck, Hurricane of 38 and some very colorful local characters! The Westport Historical Society continued its ongoing history lecture series on July 23rd at the Westport Grange with “Some True Stories” presented by Davison Paull and Claude Ledoux… and some tall tales too – all part of the oral histories collected by the two local historians over the past 30 years.  More...


07/28/2015Westport Soccer is celebrating 25 years, and they would love to have you join them for their “official” Flag Raising and Ribbon Cutting ceremony at Russell Davis Fields, 914 Sanford Road, Westport on Saturday, August 29th at 11:00 a.m.

Contact Peter Brown at 508.400.0127 or email: if you plan to attend or need additional information.


07/28/2015Boston’s bid for 2024 Summer Olympics - crash and burn! Deep skepticism here about whether taxpayers would be stuck footing the bill for the Olympics has doomed Boston’s bid to host the 2024 Summer Games and raised questions about whether any other major American city might be willing to take on the risk. More...


07/27/2015New Boy Scout Troop in Westport. Newly formed Boy Scout Troop 3 out of St. John the Baptist Church has been added to our List of Clubs and Organizations.

Scoutmasters Shawn Morley, Mike Hall and Jodi Sullivan can be reached by emailing or by visiting their facebook page.

Troop 3 recently hosted the dunk tank at the Westport Fair. 


07/25/2015A memorial service for Dr. J.K. Stewart Kirkaldy, in the manner of Friends was held on Saturday at the Westport Friends Meetinghouse, 938 Main Road. Dr. Kirkaldy practiced medicine in Westport for 45 years, and was a respected former Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.

Dr. Kirkaldy passed away on Tuesday, May 19th.

Read entire obituary.

Kirkaldy was named Westport’s Man of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce in 1961 and received the same honor by the Standard Times in 1965.

Above: Dr. Kirkaldy (right) at the 2014 Annual Westport Friends Book Fair with Greg Marsello, Book Fair Steering Committee Clerk.



07/24/2015And then there was one. Developer pulls the plug on New Bedford waterfront casino project. You may remember a while back that the Somerset developer withdrew from the three-way competition for the southcoast casino license, now leaving Brockton with the only remaining viable casino bid by Mass Gaming and Entertainment for a new casino at the Brockton Fairgrounds. They have the winning ticket; will the city claim it?

New Bedford Mayor Mitchell said “KG Urban’s decision to abandon the project is an extreme disappointment and a great shock given that it’s CEO Barry Gosin had led everyone to believe he would have the necessary funds to build the project. We have been united as a community and have done everything possible to support the KG casino proposal based on Mr. Gosin’s commitment to fully fund the project, so city residents and its leadership are all understandably upset by Mr. Gosin’s decision.”

Mayor Mitchell has received a double whammy; the first being the collapse of the Cape Wind project when the two utilities companies involved decided to let their purchase contracts expire due to delays by the wind farm developer, choosing not to renew their commitments citing high costs of production. That all but shuts the door on the Mayor’s hopes for a wind turbine assembly and shipping terminal on the waterfront.

New Bedford had approved KG Urban’s proposal to construct a $650 million casino resort that would have a glass walled casino complex and give visitors a stunning view of the New Bedford harbor.

Based on survey results more than 70% of New Bedford locals were in favor of the casino as it was supposed to generate employment opportunities and bring in around $12 million in gaming tax revenue for the city.

Gosin also said the possibility of competition from a nearby Indian casino which would pay no taxes or other compensation to the Commonwealth, helped kill the deal."

The Mashpee Wampanoag tribe has plans for a casino in Taunton, but that project has become ensnared in the federal government bureaucracy.

The Brockton developer was quick to respond to the news saying the establishment of a resort casino will also be an anchor in the economic revitalization of Brockton, which is one of several minority/majority cities in the Commonwealth. More...


07/24/2015Cable, telecommunications and satellite media companies continue to shake up the industry with the recent acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T.

Now part of the AT&T familyAT&T claims in a press release they’ll deliver premier video entertainment, high-quality mobile and Internet services, and an even better customer experience.

Click here to learn about AT&T’s future plans with DirecTV.

Could this be good news for Westport’s less than happy Charter cable subscribers?

Westport was to convert to Comcast, but that deal fell apart a few months back.

DirecTV now claims their flexible packages of video, mobile and Internet services, will allow you to enjoy video entertainment and digital content from virtually anywhere. Watch for more announcements in the coming weeks and months.

The government spent decades breaking up AT&T into seven baby Bells; are we headed for a monopoly on video entertainment, high-quality mobile and Internet service? Stay tuned.


07/24/2015Dangerous Westport intersection takes a turn for the better.

“It was a long time in coming,” Westport Highway Surveyor Chris Gonsalves said. “It is Westport’s most dangerous intersection, just as bad as the Route 177/Route 6 intersection at Lincoln Park.”

Before reconstructing intersect | Courtesy Google Maps

One man lost his life there in the 1950s, and last year a large container truck loaded with grape crushing’s destined for a Westport farm lost its brakes on the sharp curve, tipped over and slid off the road.

All that changed this week as local paving companies with help from the Highway Department rerouted the three intersection points on Sodom Road with Narrows Avenue into one “T” intersection with stop sign.

Westport Police recommend changes.

“I would recommend that the intersection be designed so that Narrow Avenue intersects (with) Sodom Road at one location as opposed to three,” Lt. John Bell told Selectmen last February 13, 2014.

After reconstruction with one “T” intersection.

Photo |

Narrow Avenue has three separate intersections with Sodom Road, right in the middle of an S-curve, creating a public safety issue, according to Westport police.

The department’s safety officer recommended that Narrow Avenue be wide enough at the intersection so that “there is a left turn lane onto Sodom Road and a right turn for vehicles turning right onto Sodom Road.”

Lt. Bell also recommended that the lane for vehicular traffic turning west onto Narrow Avenue should be adjacent to those lanes making the road wide enough for farm vehicles to utilize.

Selectmen voted unanimously February 13, 2014 to move forward with Lt. Bell’s recommendations.

The recent availability of increased State Chapter 90 highway assistance money allowed Gonsalves to move quickly this month to get the job done.


07/23/2015Longtime Westport Harbormaster Richie Earle has announced his retirement.  “I took on the Westport Harbormaster’s job for just one year,” Earle said.

28 years later Earle is still on the job, but not for long. “Time just flew by. The voting public has been great and I will miss it.”

Boaters and fishermen at all levels will miss Earle who has been a faithful guardian and watchdog over Westport’s waterways and harbor.

But it takes a lot to get an old seadog off the briny deep; Earle hopes to be appointed as an assistant harbormaster.

Above: Westport Harbormaster Richie Earle briefing regional news reporters on the tragic duck hunting accident on January 7, 2014.


07/23/2015And speaking of assistant Harbormasters, a retired Westport police officer has been recently appointed as a Dartmouth Assistant Harbormaster.

Retired Deputy Chief John Gifford has spent the last two years living on their boat, a 42 foot Grand Banks trawler, docked in Bourne.

Gifford’s wife, Bonny has accepted a job as Superintendent of Dartmouth Public Schools, and the Westport residents will return to their Westport home on Horseneck Road.

The Gifford’s boat, a retirement gift of five years ago, is now docked in Padanaram Harbor.


07/23/2015Host your colors, lower your sails, and heave to! Avast, mateys, Spindle Rock Club is please to sponsor the summer youth sail training programs on Cockeast Pond and the Westport River.

Program activities are designed to satisfy a wide range of skills and interests, from a basic introduction to sailing on the pond, to racing instruction and an introduction to competitive sailing for more sailors. They use Vanguard 420s and Sunfish on the river and Hunter Xcites on the pond. Following an initial swimming test and skill evaluation, they place participants in the most appropriate program level.

Click here to learn how you can participate. 

They have some excellent racing instructors at Spindle Rock Club this year and will be attending several NBYA regattas.
All Spindle Rock Club sailing instructors are certified US Sailing Instructors.

The programs began in late June and end on August 12. Classes are available from 2 up to 8 weeks. Details on where and when to report, as well as scheduled times for lessons, are included in the 2015 Sail Training Application and Information packet or on bulletin boards at Spindle Rock Club and Elephant Rock Beach Club.


07/20/2015Tiverton Council rejects proposed one million square foot mall in a late night vote. The Tiverton Town Council voted 5-2 to reject proposed amendments to the town's Comprehensive Plan that would have allowed the Carpionato Group to move forward with its plan to build a mega-mall on woodlands in Tiverton.

The battle lines are now drawn.

$100M Tiverton Glen project dealt blow! More...

The controversial development would include a 100-room hotel, convention center, luxury apartments and two big-box retail stores in the middle of rural Tiverton, where not even a Starbucks can be found.

A previous Town Council meeting to discuss the proposed 1-million-square foot commercial development called Tiverton Glen drew more than 500 people. Tensions ran high and fiery opinions were voiced.

Providence Journal / Kris Craig


07/19/2015Open Studio Tour 2015 continues today! The Westport Art Group showcased their new wing during this weekend’s SouthCoast Artist Tour, and what a wing it is!

The almost $200,000 substantial addition broadens the Group’s abilities to host shows and seminars and large group classes.  There will be a grand opening in August in conjunction with the opening of the Summer Community Show.

And Westport’s talented master potter, Wayne Fuerst, presented functional clay pottery demonstrations underlined by his inimitable talent that brings beauty to functionality.

Westport is the artisan enclave of the SouthCoast, and you only have to take the tour to appreciate the depth of Westport’s artistic community.

For instance, Sharlie Sudduth, Paul Vien, Peter Lenrow, Jill Moran, Christina Glaser, Liz Waring, Sarah Brown, and Peggy Call-Conley will all be exhibiting in the WAG’ new wing. Drop in and check out their new digs.

The wing, a substantial addition to the south side of the current building, was chosen for with the north light in mind as “artists understand the benefits of painting with north light,” WAG President Mary Benefiel said.

1740 Main Road, Westport Point.


Range Wars return to Westport!

07/18/2015Range Wars II in Westport! If you’re wondering about the logjam of vehicles parked today along Drift Road near the Arruda family farm on upper Drift Road, than you’re obviously not part of the fitness scene.

No, it wasn’t a big family get together, graduation party or even dairy farmers gathering at an annual convention.

It is Dartmouth Crossfit’s Range Wars II invitational where 4-person teams from all over New England and New York came to together to compete for huge cash and sponsor prizes.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to help individuals gain a broad and general fitness. Crossfit Programming concentrates on constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity to achieve overall physical fitness, so people are prepared for any physical challenge.

Inset: these two 30-something team members from North Attleboro proved to be fearsome competitors.

Not familiar with Sleds and Eggs, The Cow Tipper Chipper, The Tractor Pull, or Finest Hour Sandbag Burden Obstacle Relay?

Click here to learn more.

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. today at the Arruda Family Farm, Drift Road, Westport. The public is invited to stop in at this free event to witness fitness perfection.


07/18/2015Kayaking and Noshing at Tiverton’s Fogland Beach. You can now rent kayaks and order from a local food truck on the weekends at the Tiverton beach that's popular with nature lovers. More...


07/17/2015Environmental Initiatives Showcased In State Budget. 

Massachusetts lawmakers enacted a $38.1 billion state budget for Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16) this week that prioritizes environmental initiatives, including funding for local agricultural programs and natural resource preservation.


“Westport gets a boost in Horseneck beach funding, programs that promote availability of healthy, locally grown food in schools and other institutions.”

Westport State Representative, Paul Schmid


Joint Chairs of the Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Senator Anne M. Gobi (D-Spencer) and Representative Paul A. Schmid (D-Westport) advocated for increased funding for environmental agencies and programs throughout the budget process this session. More...


07/15/2015Westport’s Annual Quaker book sale offer books actually made of paper, unbeatable deals. It’s an average-looking crowd, though there may be a larger number of beards, fedoras and T-shirts featuring the face of an author.

Inset: waiting for the ropes to drop at the opening of the 54th Quaker book sale.


It’s Saturday. The Westport Friends Book Fair. Bright sunlight and “Tender is The Night.”

There are about 25,000 books laid out on tables under two yellow-and-white-striped tents.

History. Cookbooks. Religion. Travel. Fiction. Literature (which is the better sort of fiction), sociology, all of humankind’s fascinations.

No one is reading books these days, they say but there are plenty of people here, people staggering out of the tents with an arm load of books and a kid walks past me wearing a T-shirt with a line drawing of

American poet Charles Bukowski in the front.  More...

The 54th Annual Quaker Book Fair officially opened at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday the 11th, and it continues all week long, "dawn to dusk," through Sunday, July 19th. Payment on the honor system.




07/15/2015From veggies to meat, Westport Farmers Market keeps it local. From organic veggies and herbs to wine, local food fans will find many items to check off their weekly shopping lists at the Westport Farmers Market.

Inset: At the Westport Farmer’s Market, Shirley Robbins sets out a variety of produce grown at Paradise Hill Farm.

Jack Foley|Herald News

Elizabeth Hubert, farmer’s market manager, said each week more and more local produce is coming into season, adding to the selection of lettuces, kale, rabe, chard and herbs that have been available over the past few weeks. “We’re starting to see summer squash, and next week will bring eggplant,” she said.

By the end of the month, Hubert said, the two main produce sellers at the market, Paradise Hill Farm and Skinny Dip Farm, will have a full array of summer produce to offer shoppers, she said. More...


07/14/2015Spectacular creations on display at 5th annual Horseneck Beach Sand Sculpture Festival.

Among the throngs of beachgoers soaking up the sun on a splendid day at Horseneck Beach on Saturday were castles, a giant sea turtle and a shark taking a bite of an apple — these were just some of the nearly 20 sandy works of art created at the fifth annual Family Sand Sculpture Festival.

Angelica Maldonado and her friend Catarina Bettencourt claim their prize at the fifth annual Family Sand Sculpture Festival.Herald News Photo | Jo C. Goode

Inset: Angelica Maldonado and her friend Catarina Bettencourt claim their prize at the fifth annual Family Sand Sculpture Festival.

Friends Catarina Bettencourt and Angelica Maldonado of Fitchburg hatched their idea of a hippopotamus and an alligator sand sculptures, which earned them first place in the Sand Flea Division for 12-year-olds and younger.

“I did this last year and it was really fun, so I brought Angelica with me this year,” said Catarina.


Brian McNamara of Dartmouth works on the tail of what will become a mermaid during the Sand Sculpture Festival at Horseneck Beach. MICHAEL SMITH PHOTOS/CHRONICLE

Click here to read 2015 article - Sand Sculpture Festival draws families to Horseneck.


07/13/2015Westport’s Agricultural Commission, after rejecting an earlier proposal, has decided to move forward with a study of the Angeline Brook watershed. The commission voted unanimously in favor of a $188,000 grant study through the EPA to complete a nitrogen study of 618 acres and 13 farm properties.

Westport High School students test the waters at Angeline Brook.

The Westport River Watershed Alliance (WRWA) under the direction of Advocacy Director Betsey White along with the Coastal Systems Program at the School for Marine Science and Technology (UMass Dartmouth)  within the Angeline Brook watershed area.

Agricultural commission members rejected a second study because of a previous study’s inaccurate data, and they worried a second study would do the same and implicate town farmers.

Commissioner Jay Tripp confirmed the commission unanimously reversed its decision after learning that the commission and farmers in general would be able to provide more input than previously expected.

Rainfall has been light this summer, which means less runoff and cleaner water, a factor that could produce a favorable outcome for farmers.


07/12/2015 - Christian Raslowsky of Weehawken, NJ wins Westport Fair’s inaugural Run for the Fair 5K & Kids Fun Run.

The 17-year-old student, currently living in Manhattan, sprinted all out for the last leg in a blazing finish of 15:47, a full 7 minutes 16 seconds ahead of Adam Charest (23:00) of Westport and 8 minutes 4 seconds ahead of Westport’s Keith MacDonald who clocked in at 23:48.

Heidi Charest (Westport) was first female finisher and fourth overall at 26:08.

45 contestants came out to beat the heat and humidity in support of the Westport Fair’s scholarship fund.

The Westport Fair begins Wednesday, July 15th.

There were close to 80 participants including kids in the Fun Run.

The just over three-mile loop went south out of the fairgrounds down Pine Hill Road, and turned back at the junction of Pine Hill and Old Pine Hill Roads.

Electronic “bib chip” timing by provided by Doug Kingman of RaceWire.

Click here for complete race results.


07/12/2015 - Alicia Hamblett and her traveling trunk show of designer table linens and Turkish towels graced the porches of Partners Village Store on Saturday. These fabulous woven pieces that function as table linens, picnic and bed blankets, scarves, sarongs, and more were a big hit.

Alicia said her curated collection of “multi-useful & multi-giftful lush linens and accessories make posh bridal party, graduation, hostess or holiday gifts.” See her on facebook.


07/12/2015 - Got Milk? Looking for land to lease, Cathy Bardsley and Tom Sherman found their dream farm on Craigslist.

“I kind of just decided to follow my heart,” Bardsley said, of the decision to quit her day job bookkeeping and move from Charlestown, where the couple had begun a “hobby farm” raising goats, to Little Compton where they’ve secured a storied plot and made a go at farming in earnest. With an emphasis on Nigerian dwarf goats and heritage breed livestock, Silk Tree Farm can be found at many local farmers markets selling handcrafted goat milk soaps and shampoos and soy wax candles. More...


07/12/2015 10:00 a.m. - 20-year-old Trevor Crawley takes 35th running of the Little Compton 4.8 Mile Scenic Road Race.

Women challenged the men for top spots.

Crawley’s time of 24:16, well shy of any record, was never challenged on a day of heat and humidity that slowed runners down and challenged the best conditioned of the entrants.

Organizers didn’t have to payout the bonus prize purse of $500 that would have been given to the man or women setting a new course record.

“Making that turn onto West Main Road was a killer,” Westport Board of Health member Shawn leach said. “The trees were gone and we were in the full sunshine; it was hot!”

Matthew Hillard from Somerville was second at 24:31 with Fairhaven resident Taylor Days Merrill trailing third at 25:22.

The next two runners, 23-year-old Laurie Nagel (26:21) and Katie DiCamillo (26:46) both of Providence, finished 4th and 5th overall and were the top two females. The third top female and 10th overall was Lincoln RI resident Elizabeth Brennan (30:18.)

More later with results, photos and video.


The first Little Compton runner to finish was Samuel Booth at 31:00, finishing 14th overall. Myles Webster finished first from the neighboring town of Westport, clocking in at 32:45, 29th overall.

414 entrants completed the course and logged finishing times.

Click here for complete race results.


07/11/2015 35th Little Compton 4.8 Mile Scenic Road Race kicks off Saturday, July 11th at 9:00 a.m.

"A Summertime Tradition." Cash prizes for top three men and women ($300, $200, and $100.) Top three in each category get stuff too!!

T-shirts to the top 500 entries. 

Starting line-up from last year’s Scenic Road race.

New for this year - MYLAPS B-tag Timing; you may remember that last year’s new race-timing company had difficulties and lost all results.

Their 4.8 scenic loop course is flat and fast, and great weather is predicted for Saturday.

Three water stations on the course. Escorted by LC's finest. Medical assistance by LC rescue. Officially sanctioned and blessed by USATF. Please be reminded that according to USATF rules, strollers, baby joggers, dogs are not allowed in the race. Refreshments for all runners.  A summer country fair atmosphere which includes: 40 plus vendors, book sale, food court, music, kid’s games, white elephant, dog show and raffles. Come for the race - stay for the day.


07/09/2015 Westport tress under attack by gypsy moth and winter moth caterpillars.


Defoliation extensive on oak, birch, maple, ornamental trees, and some evergreens.

Home owners have to watch out for other pests in their lawns and gardens.


As if we don’t have enough to worry about with our economy, jobs, housing and budget woes; now millions of caterpillars have invaded Westport, defoliating thousands of trees and threatening worse conditions next year.

Left, winter moth. Right, gypsy moth

To many people, the biggest concern now in the landscape is the gypsy moth, with many oaks stripped bare of leaves. Many are just now realizing that their trees have been under further attack from gypsy moth caterpillars, after being damaged earlier by winter moth caterpillars. More...


07/09/2015 Westport Selectmen advance Noquochoke Village development with last week’s vote to transfer five acres of land to Westport’s Affordable Housing Trust.  The debated affordable housing apartment complex has drawn mixed reviews from proponents and opponents alike.

Now the Westport Affordable Housing Trust Fund is pleased to report continuing progress on the development of Noquochoke Village, 50 affordable apartments in seven townhouse style buildings with a community center on the front portion of the site to be built on a parcel of town-owned land off American Legion Highway.

Documents officially transferring control of the five acres of land known as the Perry Farm, and 23 acres of land abutting the Noquochoke River known as the Quinn property to the Trust as authorized by a 2015 annual town meeting vote are scheduled to be finalized by the Board of Selectmen at their July 13th meeting. More...

Above: Westport Housing Specialist Leonardi Aray points out the Quinn  and Perry properties that will now be fully transferred under the control of the Affordable Housing Trust.


07/09/2015 The 2015 South Coast Artists Tour hits Westport Saturday and Sunday, July 18th and 19th. The 12th annual South Coast Artists Studio Tours, scheduled for July 18-19 and August 15-16, from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. is considered one of the finest events in New England. The Tour features over 70 diverse artists working in the coastal communities of Dartmouth and Westport, MA, and Tiverton and Little Compton, RI, less than an hour from Boston.

The public is invited to several artists’ demonstrations throughout the tour.

This year's theme is "Studio Surf" whereby artists are challenged to surf through their imagination and employ a fresh, new approach to their work. Expect artists to be exhibiting original ideas not encountered before, challenging everyone's perception of art.

The South Coast is a free-spirited region that has been inspiring artists for over 100 years. The tour is free and designed for the whole family, especially children.

Click here for a tour map. PDF   Get their brochure.  PDF

Visit their website for all the details and literature. Westport Senator Michael Rodrigues releases June 2015 video newsletter to keep his constituency easily informed of current Beacon Hill activity.

Click here to view video and stay informed of what’s happening in our district!


07/08/2015 Massachusetts House, Senate Pass Comprehensive FY16 Budget.

The $38.1 billion state budget includes public safety staffing grant funding for Fall River and RGGI stabilization funds for Somerset; Westport not mentioned. 

The Massachusetts Legislature today enacted a $38.1 billion state budget for fiscal year 2016 (FY16). The spending plan makes important investments to rebuild the Commonwealth’s essential services and programs, including local aid, education, economic development, public safety, and health and human services, and supports the ongoing recovery of the local economy.

Editor’s note: The budget has no mention of any significant funding for Westport, and the press release is absent of any language vis-à-vis the SouthCoast Rail Project; and makes no mention of funding from Massachusetts new casino(s).

This year’s budget incorporates neither major budget cuts nor major increases. Both branches approved the Governor’s proposal to enact an early retirement plan that will reduce the state workforce by about 4,000 people.

In hopeful news for local communities, the FY16 Budget reflects the

Legislature’s commitment to local aid for cities and towns, increasing unrestricted local aid by $34 million and local education aid by $111.2 million, although it’s unclear how much of this increase will trickle down to Westport. 

The budget now goes to the Governor for his approval. More...


07/08/2015 Big crowd, fiery debate on big development proposal in Tiverton. A Town Council meeting to discuss the proposed 1-million-square foot commercial development called Tiverton Glen drew more than 500 people Tuesday night. Tensions ran high and fiery opinions were voiced.

The controversial development would include a 100-room hotel, convention center, luxury apartments and two big-box retail stores in the middle of rural Tiverton, where not even a Starbucks can be found.

But Tiverton taxpayers could sure use the additional taxes!  More...

Providence Journal / Kris Craig

Click here to view video - Don’t Mall Tiverton!


07/07/2015 FOWL newsletter now available on-line. Friends of the Westport Library have released their quarterly newsletter for July – September, 2015. Click here to read the newsletter.

Click here for all town organizations’ newsletters.


07/05/2015 Westport’s Devin Laubi Foundation receives $10,000 award. Each year the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation donates $200,000 in the names of 2015 Myra Kraft Community MVP Award Winners.

26 New Englanders were recently honored at Gillette Stadium; Westport’s Robin Burns-Laubi won second prize of $10,000 for the Devin Laubi Foundation more.....


Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft and Patriots and Pro Football Hall of Famer Andre Tippett congratulate Robin Burns-Laubi from the Devin Laubi Foundation for being selected as a 2015 Myra Kraft Community MVP Award second prize winner.


07/05/2015 – “There are only two things certain in life - death and taxes!” – Benjamin Franklin. Westport’s preliminary 1st and 2nd quarter bills for Fiscal '16 were mailed on June 30, 2016.  New property owners may contact the Tax Office at 508.636.1010 for a copy if they did not receive one.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and the first Monday of each month from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

The 1st quarter is due on or before 8/3/15 and the 2nd quarter is due on or before 11/2/15.  Any payment made after the due date is subject to 14% per annum interest. 

There is no grace period.  Payment may be made in person at the office, by mail, or at using e-bill for a 35 cent per transaction fee using your check or savings account. 

Please note credit cards are only accepted online, and do involve paying a fee of 2 to 4% of the total of the amount being paid.  To pay using ebill, after entering website, please scroll down and select the online bill pay box for real estate and personal property, etc. and follow instructions provided.  Any problems, you can call 508.460.6000, ext. 601.; help is available.


07/05/2015 Westport's agricultural past is making a comeback. Jeffrey Bettencourt rose from a stoop, putting both hands on his lower back to help himself upright. He was smiling. He had 20,000 pepper plants in the ground - 20 rows, each 100 feet long. They were choked with weeds.

“This is what it is supposed to be like, over there,” Bettencourt said, pointing to the three rows he had already cleared that morning. He ran a tiller between the rows and cleared between the plants by hand.


Bill Braun and Deanna Levanti of Ivy Silo farm, in front of their farm stand in Westport. photo/Wicked Local


07/03/2015 Westport Town Hall Annex gets a new sign. Our Photo of the Week captures Former Westport Selectman and longtime local insuranceman, Jim Coyne at it again, fixing up Westport one sign at a time.

Click here for more on this and other Photos of the Week.

You may remember a year or so ago Jim organized a fundraising drive to rebuild the Town Hall Sign.

Jim recently tapped signmaker John Fielding, Signature Signs’ Dana Costa, and reached out for donations to completely replace the Annex’s sign, including a listing of town offices within that Historic Milton E. Earle building.

The sign was completed and installed on June 9th of this year.

Well done, Jim, well done.

From the left: Signature Signs’ Dana Costa, sponsor and donor Jon Alden, signmaker John Fielding, and Jim Coyne and friend.


07/01/2015 What’s in a name change? Westport Selectmen were asked Monday night to grant a business name change on a Class II License from Francis Correiro d/b/a F&R Auto Sales, Inc., 1052 State Road to King’s Auto Sales, Inc.

You may remember that F&R Auto ran into a little bit of trouble when the dealership’s internal video surveillance system captured their employees’ abusive treatment over a pizza delivery guy’s seven dollar tip.

The video went viral over the internet and captured the attention of the national and international press.

The video cast a long, troubling shadow over the used car lot but earned a pile of money for the pizza delivery guy ($31,705.)

The Selectmen may wish to remember a rose by any other name is still a rose and smells a sweet.

Selectmen deferred a vote on the name change until they can get a report from Police Chief Pelletier on any ongoing criminal action against F&R Auto Sales.

A few weeks back, Selectmen were also asked for a name change on an American Legion Highway restaurant and bar to Joe’s Café & Lounge. The business also asked for an extension of their business hours to 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

They also requested serving alcohol on an outside deck until 9:00 p.m.

The name change was granted, the serving of alcohol on the outdoor deck granted, but the extension of the hours was denied, with Selectmen noting past difficulties with outside noise and neighbors’ complaints.


06/30/2015 Boo Thayer Gemes brought her line of boo gemes to Partners. There is always something fascinating going on at Partners Village Store, and last Saturday was no different.

Bronxville, New York-based clothes designer, Boo Thayer Gemes presented a trunk show featuring boo gemes, a distinctive lifestyle brand that is dedicated to today's modern woman.


The collection embodies the personal style and spirit of its founder, Boo Thayer Gemes. Perceiving a void in the market for fun, stylish and affordable separates, Boo has created a collection that appeals to women of all ages.


“I design clothes for real people; clothes that I want to own and wear. Like many people, there are days you want to dress up and there are other days you don't get out of your jeans!” - Boo Thayer Gemes.


Judging by the number of people who showed up, this line appeals to the active style of Westport women. Thanks Boo for bringing it to our little farm town!

Partners Village Store and Kitchen, 865 Main Road, Westport.


06/29/2015Selectmen meet tonight at Town Hall starting at 6:00 p.m. Click here to review their agenda and read the Town Administrator’s report.

Of particular note is Westport’s longtime Harbormaster, Richie Earle will announce his forthcoming retirement. Westport Harbor’s most visible presence on the water bringing reassurance to all boaters will be missed. More on this breaking news later.

Above: Westport Harbormaster Richie Earle briefing regional news reporters on the tragic duck hunting accident on January 7, 2014.


06/29/2015Mystery Photo Solved! Congratulations to Westport’s Gerry Santos who was the first to correctly guess on Monday, June 29th at 8:55 a.m. our latest mystery photo’s location as Noquochoke Orchards Drift Rd.”

Jerry is rewarded for his powers of observation with a $25 gift certificate to the Back Eddy Restaurant, Westport’s fine dining seafood restaurant overlooking the Westport Harbor!

We had many readers correctly guess the location, so apparently the excavator is old but not forgotten!

Be on the lookout for our next mystery photo; it’ll be right around the corner!


06/28/2015Put out to pasture. Our newly posted mystery photo shows an aging excavator sitting unused in a Westport farm field. Be the first to guess its exact location and win a $25 gift certificate to the Back Eddy Restaurant.

Click here to take your best shot at being the first to guess the exact location.  New Mystery Photo posted on Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 7:30 p.m.


06/27/2015In South Dartmouth, where life slows down. Moving back to New England last May, we arrived at the airport with suitcases stuffed with swimsuits and two temporary places to live while we looked for a lease. We’d spend the first half of summer in South Dartmouth and the second half in Nantucket, thanks to VRBO and a generous friend. More...


06/27/2015 - Need another Sunset Music series to keep you busy thus summer? Try the Downtown Sundown Series in Bring a lawn chair, a   blanket and, well you know the drill by now.

Next week, Saturday, July 11th it’s Dan Lilley with Scatman & Amy Bedard, Allysen Callery, and Ryan Lee Crosby.
282 North Main Street, Providence.

Visit their facebook page.

Click here for a complete list of their events.

Starts at 7:00 p.m.

Sit on the lawn at the beautiful Roger Williams National Memorial and enjoy some of the best songwriters RI and Southern New England have to offer; performances of Shakespeare and more. There is limited parking accessible at the park. Lots of street parking and pay lots available. All ages are welcome. The event is free.

282 North Main Street, Providence.

Visit their facebook page.


06/27/2015And we’re not done yet with summer concert series! The Little Compton Community Center is offering “hump day” free concerts starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Little Compton Community Center, 34 Commons, Little Compton.

Come enjoy great music and savor the flavors of summer al fresco.

Each Wednesday through July 29th they will feature a different band and dinner menu. Admission is free.

Becky Chase Band

Dinner, soft drinks, wine and beer will be available for purchase.

This week was the Becky Chase Band with chowder and crab cakes,

Wednesday, July 1st is A Bluegrass Invitation Band with BBQ chicken.

July 8th will be The Little Compton Band with grilled shrimp. July 15th it’s Gary Farias with build-a-burger and salad. July 22nd presents Louie Leeman and Cheap Sneakers with paella.

And wrapping things up on July 29th is Abbey Rhode with sausage and peppers.


06/26/2015Donations Needed for "1,000 Books Before First Grade" Program. Created by the Westport Education Foundation, the "1,000 Books Before First Grade" program will begin this Fall in the Westport Community Schools to help promote early reading. Children in Pre-K and Kindergarten will be sent home each week with books to read with their caregivers. Families can chart their progress and children will earn incentives toward reaching the goal of reading one thousand books before entering First Grade.

Partners Village Store is currently collecting donations of "gently used" books appropriate for children aged 3 to 6 to be used in this invaluable reading program.

Drop your donations off at Partners during store hours of 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. to help support "1000 Books Before First Grade."

On Thursday, August 20th, join Partners’ own "Miss Joan" for a very special story hour to help launch the program.



More past headline news continues below.



Bulletin Board


Click here to see all events happening today in and around Westport.


Through the weekend! The Westport Art Group is holding their annual Community Summer Show & Sale through Sunday, August 30th.

10:00 a.m.4:00 p.m. each day.

WAG members are adding the finishing touches to their building's new wing, which was formally presented to the community Friday evening, August 21st with a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration. Light refreshments were served, and The Spindle Rock River Rats performed during the reception.

While there is still more work to be done beginning in the fall, the project has been a "labor of love" with members pitching in to make it all happen.

  Westport Art Group, 1740 Main Road, Westport

This morning! Lower East Branch Kayaking Tour on Friday, August 28th.

From 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Join Osprey Sea Kayak and the Westport Land Conservation Trust WLCT for kayaking The Let and the islands of the Lower East Branch of the Westport River. This is a great location for seeing Osprey and a variety of shorebirds. Along the way we'll also stop and walk portions of The Let Conservation Area. All equipment included. 3 hour tour is $45 per person. Reservations must be made in advance by calling Pam at 508.636.9228.


Friday! Felix the Cat Trio to appear at Simmons Café on Friday, August 28th.

Lobster and live music from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. 78A Crandall Road, Little C0mpton, RI


Saturday. Westport Soccer is celebrating 25 years on Saturday, August 29th.

They would love to have you join them for their “official” Flag Raising and Ribbon Cutting ceremony at Russell Davis Fields, 914 Sanford Road, Westport on Saturday, August 29th at 11:00 a.m.

Veterans will be in attendance; elected officials and past board members have been invited.

Contact Peter Brown at 508.400.0127 or email: if you plan to attend or need additional information.


Country Travelers continues their 2015 Schedule.

Next trip is September 1, 2015 to Boston’s North End and Maggiano’s Restaurant Tour family style luncheon at Maggiano’s Restaurant.  Guided bus tour of the Freedom Trail and the North End, and a stop at Mike’s Pastry in the North End.

$77 includes all taxes and gratuities.  Full payment at time of booking, no later than July 24, 2015.

  Click here for this year’s entire schedule.


Join the Westport Historical Society at their Farmstead Feast fundraiser on Saturday, September 5th.

Event will be held at the more-than-a-century-old Sampson Farm in North Westport.

Only 200 tickets - on sale July 1st -- will be available for this special fund-raising dinner, so please don't miss out!

All funds raised at this event will support the activities of the Society and its role strengthening our community through a mission of public engagement. Click here for more information in our Future Events Listings.


2015 Annual Sale of Used Books by Friends of Westport Library begins Saturday, September 12th. 

The Friends of the Westport Library (FOWL) have sorted over 8,000 books plus CDs and DVDs for your browsing and purchase.  The fiction section is huge with many recent best-sellers. There are 19 well-stocked categories in all with particularly large selections in Fiction, History, Biography, Young Adult, Children, Cookbooks, Home Décor. Prices are great: Children’s books .25 each, all others $1-$2 each plus some specially-priced, choice items.   

Preview Night for members of Friends of Westport Library is 6-8 p.m. Friday, September 11th. Purchase membership at the door, $10 single, $20 family. 

Opening day for the public is Saturday, September 12th, 9am–4pm in the Community Room of Westport Public Library, 408 Old County Road. The sale continues during library hours the following week. Hours: Monday and Thursday, noon-8:30; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10-5, Sat 9-4. Closing day, Saturday the 19th is Bag of Books Day 9 - 1 pm, $5 per bag. They supply the bag.  All proceeds benefit the library. For further information please call 508.636.1100. 


The Beach Challenge at Horseneck Beach, Westport on Saturday, September 12th.

BlueOne - the Beach Challenge is a fitness competition that pays tribute to those brave men and women who have watched over the water for more than 50 years at Horseneck Beach and at beaches throughout the USA.

This event is not a triathlon, an obstacle course, a road race or an open water swim. What it is has been crafted by Lifesaving Professionals over 50 years at Horseneck Beach.

You will race on pavement, trail, soft sand and two grueling expanses of Hurricane and Winter Weather deposited gravel.

Registration is Now Open! Come take on the challenge individually or put together a team of 6 or more challengers and earn VIP Team Status!

After approximately 4 miles of fighting through the natural obstacles the reservation has thrown at you, it is time to hit the beach! Starts at 9:00 a.m.

Click here for all the details.


Westport Art Group to Host Weekend Pastel Workshop on September 12th and 13th.

There are some spots left and the public is invited to register!

Registration is now open for a two-day workshop on Saturday and Sunday, September 12th and 13th with established artist Rosalie Nadeau.

In the workshop, students will work en plein air as Nadeau teaches one to view nature’s ever-changing light, and to discover some classical principles of creating art. More...



Paskamansett Concert Series show on Saturday, September 19th.

This month it’s Four Bridges! Bringing you the very best in acoustic folk, Americana, blues/roots, and singer-songwriter music. A little bit of magic that happens once a month in this intimate, historic South Coast setting. Next up is an evening of blistering bluegrass from the boys of Four Bridges. Only $35 for family admission, so bring along the kids and your supper! $15 general admission, $12 seniors, kids, college students.

Historic Dartmouth Grange Hall, 1133 Fisher Road in the Russells Mills Village Historic District of South Dartmouth. 7:00 p.m. Visit their website.



Forever Paws Animal Shelter, Fall River, MA, will be having their Annual “Celebration of Giving” Buffet Dinner and Silent Auction on Friday, September 25th.

From 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. at Rachel's Lakeside, 950 State Rd., Dartmouth.

All he details in our Future Events section.


The ninth annual Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride will be held on Sunday, October 4th. 

If you love to ride and want to make a difference for your local environment, then sign up by visiting Cyclists ages 12 and over are welcome.

Enjoy the ride’s gorgeous scenery through coastal villages, farmlands, working waterfront, and colorful cranberry bogs. Choose from a 75-mile route starting in Westport or a 35-mile route starting in Rochester. Both routes end with a seaside finish line party on Quissett Harbor in Woods Hole that includes dinner, drinks, and live music.

More information under our

Future Event Listings.


Westport High School ‘64 – ‘65 Class Reunion on Saturday, October 24th.

Westport High School classes of 1964 and 1965 are having a joint 51st – 50th

reunion at Rosebrook Event Center at TownePlace Suites Marriot in Wareham, MA from 5:00 – 11:00 p.m. Dinner, music, and memories will be enjoyed by all.

Information packets have been sent to class members. If you have not received a packet, please contact Joan Simon Shirley (‘65) at 508.384.5876 or email:; or Diane Pettey Finucci (‘64) at 508.636.3373 or email:


Bristol County Mosquito Control Project has begun spraying in Westport.

The Bristol County Mosquito Control Project has begun its summer season mosquito spraying program as weather permits.

Spraying helps to control nuisance and/or disease carrying adult mosquitoes.

The Westport Select Board is taking requests from town residents only at 508.636.1003.

For spray requests and more information, call the project office at 508.823.5253, Monday through Friday between the hours if 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The office can also be reached by fax 24 hours a day at 508.828.1868, or by email at:

To access schedules and locations of spray applications only, residents may call 617.582.6218 a day in advance to applications after 3:00 p.m. Do not use this number for spray requests.

For general spray information visit their website.




06/27/2015New concert venue will add to the smorgasbord of weekend offerings for the local music lover. The Paskamansett Concert Series is set to launch on Saturday, July 11th with a 7:30 p.m. performance by the Spindle Rock River Rats at the historic Dartmouth Grange Hall, 1133 Fisher Road in the Russells Mills Village Historic District of South Dartmouth. Visit their website.


The Spindle Rock River Rats playing at Westport’s River Day 2015.

The monthly concerts, featuring Americana, folk, roots, singer-songwriter, Celtic, blues, and bluegrass music are being organized by Russ Smith, founder of the popular Sandywoods Music Series in Tiverton, RI.

Paskamansett Concert Series will be held in the Dartmouth Grange Hall at 1133 Fisher Road.

The 2015 summer and fall lineup includes the Spindle Rock River Rats on July 11th, Seamus Galligan & Michael Laureanno on August 8th, Four Bridges on September 19th, Joanne Doherty and Barbara Phaneuf on October 10th, and Grace Morrison on November 14th.


“The Paskamansett Concert Series joins the Westport Vineyards Sunset Music Series and the summer concert series at Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard in Little Compton.”


Smith has already booked Bill Harley, Fourteen Strings, Danielle Miraglia, and Matt Borrello for some early 2016 dates.

Tickets to all concerts are $15, $12 for children under 18, seniors 60 and over, and college students, with a $35 family admission price. Guests are invited to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Tickets may be purchased with cash or check on concert nights (doors open 7 pm), or in advance at


06/25/2015Quaker Book Fair opens Saturday, July 11th! The Westport Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) announces their 54th Annual Book Fair featuring over 25,000 books for sale.

Fair opens on Saturday, July 11th at 938 Main Road, Westport when the ropes drop and the book-buying crowd rushes the tents! On-going through July 19th, open "dawn to dusk."

Click here for video of 52nd Book Fair.




The Westport Friends are hoping to fill their benches, not with their usual worshippers, but with over 25,000 gently-used books for sale.  The Westport Friends' Book Fair serves as the main fundraising event of the Westport Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and will take place on their grounds at 938 Main Road in Westport, Massachusetts.  The Book Fair officially opens at 11:00 a.m. (rain or shine) but will continue "dawn to dusk" throughout the week.



06/21/2015Dustin Johnson’s three-putt wins the 2015 U.S Open Golf Championship for Jorden Spieth.

Heroic play by South African, Louis Oosthuizen  who birdied 6 of his last seven holes, shooting a 29 on the back nine ended up the in a tie for second with Dustin Johnson who three-putted the 18th hole from just twelve feet to lose the championship to Spieth.

A birdie by Johnson would have forced an 18-hole playoff with Spieth on Monday.

Click here for more in our Golf Section.


06/20/2015St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea in Little Compton has a new interim rector. The Rev. William Locke joined the picturesque Episcopal Church on June 7th.

Fr. Locke has been a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island for over 20 years.

Fr. Locke will serve St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea while the parish begins a search for a new permanent rector.

Fr. Locke is married to his wife, Ethel, and the couple has two children.

St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea is an Episcopal parish serving Little Compton, RI and Westport, MA. 

Worship at St. Andrew’s is joyful and filled with the love and beauty of God.  They regularly explore different forms of music and worship.

Click here for more in our Church News section.


06/20/2015Concert series sells out on opening night. Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery’s Sunset Music Series sold out on its season opener last night with Rebecca Correia being the showcased talent for the evening.

The popular music series worked through some abutters’ concerns over expanded hours, noise and traffic issues, and parking overflow onto Cadman’s Neck Road in an agreement with the town’s Selectmen to limit attendance to just 300 cars.

Above: Rebecca Correia mixes it up with her young fans.

But the limitations on cars didn’t prevent a packed crowd from spilling out over the scenic vineyard grounds, one of the most picturesque spots in Westport.

A change for 2015 is the venue will require for the first time that all tickets will be sold in advance at the vineyard’s retail store or on-line before each performance.

This season featured a special opening night performance by the extremely talented Rebecca Correia.

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter, who Vance Gilbert called a "broken-winged angel" after their first shared performance, is a young veteran with already over 200 songs to her credit. Most recently, she co-wrote the song "So Long Goodbye" with three-time Grammy-winner Keb' Mo'. "So Long Goodbye" can be found on Keb's latest album Bluesamericana which is currently nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Americana Album. More about the Sunset Music Series...


Above: Why they call it the Sunset Music Series.




06/19/2015Town of Westport turns over a new leaf! A brand spankin’ new Nisson Zero Emissions Leaf electric automobile, that is. The Leaf is accompanied by a 6.6kw, two-point chargepoint+ charging station.

Through the energetic efforts of Energy Committee Chairman Tony Connors, Westport has acquired the Leaf which is now in service.

And the best part is the car and charging combo shouldn’t cost the town a dime.

Further, the charging station is free for all Westport residents who want to charge an electric vehicle.

The stylish Leaf is no slouch on the road either, reports Town Administrator Tim King. More...

Above: Town Administrator Tim King with the town’s new Leaf!


06/17/2015Westport Town Hall clock gets an overhaul. The ubiquitous town hall clock, once so common in early rural New England and in many cases the only timepiece in the village common is now a relic of times gone by.

Inset: Andrew Sousa points to the clock motor needing replacement. Notice the signatures of all the men who have worked on the clock over the years.

With over 200 billion individual time keeping mechanisms employed worldwide in watches, iPhones, cars, computers, microwave ovens and the such, the town hall clock has been relegated to the dustbin of history, barely noticed by people scurrying by to get somewhere on time...

But historical nostalgia runs deep in Westport.

Last week Andrew Sousa, Planning Board member and Highway Department employee, with the help of electrician Bill Plamondon, climbed high into the attic of the 1939 Town Hall building and repaired the clock’s tangled mess of electrical wiring, determined they needed a new time mechanism, and will order one next month. They are also researching how to get a new neon light fixture (the old one is burnt out long ago) encircling the clock face, so that once again our Town Hall clock will shine like a beacon into the night, with the correct time of course!


06/16/2015Cat snared in illegal trap. Westport Police are searching for the person who placed an illegal leg hold trap that ensnared a cat.

Police received a call Wednesday, May 27th about what appeared to be a cat with a metal contraption attached, Det. Sgt. Antonio Cestodio said. The cat was limping and had difficulty walking, the witness reported, Cestodio said.

Charges of animal cruelty will be filed against the person, Cestodio said.

The cat was transported by Animal Control Officer Donna Lambert to a local veterinarian, who removed the trap from the cat’s leg. The cat, apparently a stray, was taken to Animal Rescue League of Boston.



Donald Trump06/16/2015Ladies and gentlemen, from the Trump Tower in downtown New York City, hereeeeeee’s Donald!

In a 50 minute, high-powered speech filled with eclectic rhetoric, fire and brimstone “the Donald’ announced at 11:25 a.m. today that he is running for Presidency of the United States of America.

Real Estate mogul and billionaire Donald John Trump Sr. will join four governors, four US senators and three former governors in what is sure to be a reality show of a primary.

I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” the feisty showman told his audience of supporters.

The dealmaker said he will take on China and Japan and Mexico.

“We need someone who can make this country great! We are (a country) controlled by politicians, lobbyists, donors and supporters, and nothing gets done. Politicians are all talk.”

Assailing incompetence in Washington and deriding domestic and foreign leadership which he says doesn’t exist, Trump is sure to provide a media circus on a scale that will eclipse anything seen today on the millions of high-definition, mammoth flat-screen plasma and LED televisions in homes across America.

And in all that hubris, Donald John Trump Sr. makes some sense in what he says is wrong with America today. The question is can he fix it.

Is this the age of the corporatocracy?

Stay tuned.


06/15/2015Third shotgun located from Westport Harbor duck hunting accident. A recreational diver discovered the third shotgun lost when a duck hunting excursion in the West Branch of the Westport River went horribly wrong early Tuesday morning, January 7, 2014, bringing closure to the disastrous accident that took two lives. 

The spear-fisherman hunting the bottom of the harbor last week spotted what he believed to be a shotgun on the sandy harbor floor. A call was made to Robert Mercer of Bob’s Sea and Ski in New Bedford, and Mercer notified the police, according to Taunton Police Sgt. Matthew McCaffrey, commander of the dive team for the South Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council.

Above: SEMLEC diver Lt. Paul Roderick shows the 12-gauge Benelli shotgun recovered after a half hour search in the water on Monday, police reported. The shotgun is believed to be the one used by one of the victims, Steven James, 53, of Marshfield. Police photo.

The duck hunters’ 15-foot aluminum skiff was recovered later that Tuesday morning tangled in a buoy of Charlton Wharf, where it’s likely the shotgun fell out of the boat. The other two 12-gauge Benelli shotguns were found the day of the accident.

Click here for video news report on the boating accident.

Charlton Wharf is on the west side of the Westport harbor entrance.

Click here for news story of the boating accident.

SEMLEC SWAT covers 28 cities in towns in southeastern Massachusetts, from Duxbury to Seekonk. It is currently staffed by 45 highly trained police and paramedic personnel. Mattapoisett currently has 3 officers assigned to the SWAT team. Dartmouth and Westport police also participated in the search. Above right: police photo

Click here to view video of dramatic U.S. Coast Guard rescue of duck hunter Gregg Angell. The semi-conscious Westport man was pulled off Corey Island and transported to Rhode island Hospital where he made a full recovery.

The bodies of James and Robert Becher, 55, of Cromwell, CT were recovered from Horseneck Point on the ocean side around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning by acting Highway Surveyor Chris Gonsalves and Westport police officer Sgt. Jeff Majewski.

Above: 15-foot aluminum skiff recovered on January 7, 2014. Photo/Boston Globe Steve Haines photo.

High winds and an unstable skiff in choppy conditions with freezing spray were probably implicit in causing the duck hunting boat to capsize.





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Friday, August 28, 2015

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Today’s Significant Events in History

Friday, August 28, 2015

1189 - Third Crusade: the Crusaders begin the Siege of Acre under Guy of Lusignan
1609 - Henry Hudson, discovers & explores Delaware Bay
1864 - The first Geneva Convention, governing rules of warfare, signed by 26 nations.
1963 - Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his "I have a dream speech" addressing civil rights march at Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC 

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The Handy House opened for the Season Saturday June 13, 2015

Throughout the summer it will open on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Westport Historical Society presents an exhibition – Room to Learn: Westport’s One-Room Schoolhouses. Exhibition is ongoing: Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bell School, 25 Drift Road, Westport.


04/27/2015 The Westport Historical Society released its complete schedule of events for 2015!

Click here to review them.


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Contact The Westport Historical Society at 508.636.6011 and ask for Jenny. Email: Visit their website.


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Happening Today in and around Westport!

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Friday, August 28

Friday, August 28 - Lower East Branch Kayaking Tour on Friday, August 28th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Join Osprey Sea Kayak and the Westport Land Conservation Trust WLCT for kayaking The Let and the islands of the Lower East Branch of the Westport River. This is a great location for seeing Osprey and a variety of shorebirds. Along the way we'll also stop and walk portions of The Let Conservation Area. All equipment included. 3 hour tour is $45 per person. Reservations must be made in advance by calling Pam at 508.636.9228.


Friday, August 28 - Yoga at the Stone Barn on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays starting June 5th through the end of September. 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. at the Stone Barn, 786 East Horseneck Road, South Dartmouth.

What better place to practice yoga in the morning than the Stone Barn, with nothing but the sounds of birds and nature serving as the backdrop to your practice? Taught by an instructor from Yoga on Union in downtown New Bedford, this program is suitable for yogis of all levels.  Please bring your own yoga mat, water bottle and wear comfortable clothes suitable for yoga. Ample parking is available onsite at 786 Horseneck Road in South Dartmouth.

Classes are $15 each and can be paid at the start of class.


Osteoporosis exercise at the Westport Senior Center. Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 9:45 - 11:00 a.m.

An exercise for people with or at risk for Osteopenia/ Osteoporosis. Participants will learn about osteoporosis and everyday activities that will improve their day to day lives. A physician form filled out by the doctor that states this would be beneficial is required. There are openings in the Monday, Wednesday & Friday sessions. For more information contact the Westport Council on Aging at 508.636.1026. The instructor is Florence Wypych.


Quilt ladies invite all to Friday meetings at Holy Trinity Church, 1956 Main Road, Tiverton from 10 a.m. to noon. A weekly hand quilting group. Pro or novice welcome. Come one time or every meeting! Bring your own project. For more information call Lynn Sluiter at (401) 635-8941, or email her at


T’AI CHI classes every Friday at the Westport Senior Center. Advanced 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.; intermediate 12:30 -1:30 p.m.; and basic 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

T’ai Chi is the Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and health. The fee is $5.00 per session or $25.00 for 6 weeks. The instructor is Nikolas Ukleja. Please call 508.636.1026 for further information.


Senior Community Luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at The Little Compton Community Center, 34 Commons, Little Compton.

Join them for lunch as they enjoy our local catering. Some of the finest cooks in Little Compton are volunteering their time to prepare delicious meals for our seniors every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Don’t miss this opportunity to share good food with good friends in a friendly community atmosphere. 

$3 suggested donation for the disabled and seniors age 50 and over.  $6 suggested donation under age 50.

Please call to reserve at least 48 hours in advance. 401-635-2400. For more information call or click 401.635.2400 or email: 



Ocean State Bridge Club meets each Monday and Friday at 12:30 p.m. at Sakonnet Bay Manor, 1215 Main Road, Tiverton. Call or click if you need a partner: (401) 862-2131 or  Cost is $6. A free lunch is served once a month by Sakonnet Bay Manor.